The Era Of Techno–Logistics

The Era Of Techno–Logistics

In this era of technological advancement, the use of internet has come to the logistics industry in a big way, which is indeed, helping in linking all the elements of supply chain in a better way. The traditional way of defining the logistics industry was related to trucks and infrastructure, which has now changed over the period of time due to an important role played by the technology in shaping up the modern logistics system.

The logistics industry of 2017 is far different, from what it was in 1980’s or 1990’s. Back then transportation was not much convenient, as  the manufacturer or supplier had very limited contacts, but now they can contact any transporter across India. Technology is not just limited to creating contacts but it also include, unmanned aerial vehicles, robots, GPS system and so on. With the modernization of technology, now many warehouses prefer to use a combination of robots and skilled human worker to meet their orders quickly and to manage their resources well, this in turn saves time that can be utilized in other core functions.

A revolution was created in the logistics industry with the use of GPS technology, mobile phones, electronic tolling, electronic vehicle logs etc. as it has made it easier for the managers to manage various task at one place. Now managers are able to track the truck’s location, it also help in monitoring the maintenance needs and real time update of the consignment can be provided to the consignee.

Internet of things is a new sensation in the industry, which involves using sensors and network communications, which links the machines to internet enabled computer system which assist in  monitoring the machines, devices can be controlled remotely, instant alerts for repairs etc. Another device used in industry is, Bluetooth devices that can be mounted on any surface like loaders, consignment, docks etc that help in obtaining and relating the information about packages. This is another way to track and to obtain a real time update of the consignment.  

Developers are now focusing on technologies that will take the logistics industry to a new level in the future. Now there idea is to use the flying robots or drones to deliver small shipments on time but  interpreting it in the real world requires a critical assessment in the light of technology, cost, time involved, safety etc. Another idea conceived by the developers in the industry is the use of driverless cars, which has been tested by several companies. Though, semi autonomous vehicles have been introduced and are used in some areas, but this innovation is in the early stage of development and requires a lot of time and cost to be developed properly.

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